I also provide other types of photography please look below for whatever might interest you and your needs.

I have worked many events in the city of Calgary as a house photographer for Standard night club, The Bank night club, Broncos smoke house, and have worked with Netcandi events.

Rates: $200 for 3 hours of time ( includes branding ) $40 each additional hour

Extras available upon request.

We are storytellers. We observe and record what we see through the lens and narrate the story that we witnessed with all the emotions and sentiments that come with the memories. We have been telling stories for many years, sometimes we can predict the plot, sometimes we still get surprised. We are always looking for the next amazing story to tell and provide memories forever.

Packages starting at $2000

Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with the highest quality photobooth experience.

Intrigued? Click on the link below to get a sense of how our photo booth will fit into your event.